Zoo Montana needs you! The Botanical Society at Zoo Montana maintains all the gardens at Zoo Montana. We need all the help we can get as we have reclaimed many areas that are just waiting for some fresh ideas and maintenance during the upcoming season!

Once a gardener has been shown all the gardens and participated in a short training session you are free to work at any time. We do gather on Monday mornings during the growing season and work together until 12:00 pm with a wonderful tea/lemonade break. There will be an evening work time this summer as well, the evening is yet to be determined.

During the spring we will clear, clean, and amend the soil. After Memorial Day we plant, maintain, and watch the beautiful gardens blossom into magical areas. Please consider helping us out not only to get your hours but join us as a permanent member!

Teresa Bessette 969-3477
Linda Buckingham 248-4735