David Kimball – $150 for 1600 volunteer hours

Plus $175 for 1800 volunteer hours (busy year!)

Sharon Wetsch – $175 for 1800 volunteer hours

Joann Glasser – $100 for 1000 volunteer hours

Plus Mantle Clock for 1200 volunteer hours (another hard worker!)

Bob Wicks – Mantle Clock for 1200 volunteer hours

Level 1 certified: Joan Griffith

Bob Wicks and Joann Glasser received their clock rewards on March 14, 2018, at the March Master Gardener Association meeting. This reward is given to Master
Bob Wicks and AmyGardeners with 1200 volunteer hours, these two making a total of seven given out to date. Congratulations and thanks to Bob and Joann for your hard work and dedication to our Master Gardener program. It’s Master Gardeners like you who validate our program.Joann Glasser

This Association meeting was also Bob Wicks’ last one as president, after serving four years in this capacity. Bob has been one of the pillars who helped spearhead our association back in 2011, along with Master Gardeners Ann Guthals, Corry Mordeaux, Joann Glasser, Marion Grummett, Merita Murdock and Sharon Wetsch. I am so proud to say that all these Master Gardeners are still active in our program and have been major contributors to its success.
Thank you, Bob, for your big heart, cheerful nature and tireless optimism.
– By Amy Grandpre



Congratulations to the following Master Gardeners for giving so much of your time to the Master Gardener program:

200 Hours – County Pin Reward
Jerry Dalton
Linda Brewer
Nan Grant

600 Hours – $50 Reward
Bob Short
Tom Kress
Vonnie Bell

400 Hours – $25 Reward
AnnaMarie Linneweber
Joyce Hendricks
Shelley Thurmond

1600 Hours – $150 Reward
Sharon Wetsch

2000 Hours – $200 reward
Julie Halverson

Keep plugging those hours in on mtmastergardener.org and you too can be on this list.
If anyone is having trouble finding the right fit for volunteering, give me a call and we will work on it.

Submitted by Amy Grandpre – 256-2821