Outstanding Master Gardeners

This year our county had four outstanding Master Gardeners to celebrate: Bryan Godfrey, Elaine Allard, Joyce Hendricks and Mary Davis.

Bryan, Joyce and Mary were all in attendance at the 2018 Master Gardener Celebration in Bozeman, and received their certificate and pin directly from Dara Palmer. A little history: Brian joined Master Gardeners this year (2018) and hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped yet. He took and passed Lev. 1, Lev. 2 and Lev. 3. His positive optimism and “let’s do it” outlook got him noticed and as a result he is now Yellowstone County Master Gardener Association President. He has secured a 3 year contract with Walmart for donations of garden related items, and donations from other various plants sellers. He was instrumental in coordinating the transformation of the Square Foot Demo Garden at Metra Park. He’s also involved with Zoo Montana and the Plant Select project, becoming the president of the Zoo Montana Botanical Society. He has a vision to grow our program, to make it the best and most active in the state.

Joyce joined Master Gardeners in 2010 and became a Level 3 Master Gardener in 2014. Joyce helps with the Billings Flower Show, coordinates the Master Gardener Information booth during the fair and helps with the C.A.R.E. After School program. Joyce is also a certified flower judge and is the current first Vice President for the MT Federation of Garden Clubs. She is also very involved with the Square Foot Demo garden and is an active competitor in the 4×4 competition. She also helps with ZooMontana beds, the Farmers Market Information Booth, the Jr. Garden Club, Friendship House Gardens and Veterans Park Project. Elaine and Mary both joined in 2002 and both became Level 3 Master Gardeners in 2011.

Elaine coordinated the monthly adult education seminars at the Billings library for many years, teaching some of the seminars. She has coordinated Master Gardener volunteers to serve during the annual Arbor Day event. She is a master at teaching children how to make seed bombs, which she taught at the library, during Arbor Day and with Park 2 Park Mentoring program. Elaine is also one of the editor/staff who began the YCMG Newsletter and is still active. She also served as a board member/secretary for the YCMG Association, has worked in the Metra Park Square foot garden and participated in the 4×4 competition. She also worked at the: Geranium Festival, The Billings Flower Show, Billings Farmers Market and CARE after School Program

Mary has coordinated the C.A.R.E. After School program since its beginning in 2003. She is one of the main coordinators and organizers of the Billings Flower Show, is a certified flower judge and was state president of the MT Federation of Garden Clubs from 2003 to 2005. She is also one of the editor/staff who began the YCMG Newsletter in January of 2012 and is still active. She coordinates the summer Jr. Garden Club. She’s also works at the Arbor Day events and in the Mission Garden at St. Andrews Community Gar-den. I want to thank again these dedicated Master Gardeners, who have given so much of themselves and their time to our program.

You are all a big part of our program’s success.

Submitted by Amy Grandpre

Hard Work and Rewards!

Congratulations to All!

Yellowstone County Pin Rewards:
Cindy Roesler
Fay Danielsen
Steven Pottenger

$25 for 400 volunteer hours:
Sharon Yazak

$50 for 600 volunteer hours:
Mary Davis
Sheri Kisch

Level 2 certified:
Brian Godfrey

More Kudos!

Some really hard work went into our Square Foot Demonstration garden on our work day May 26th. Besides box building, weed mat laying and soil moving, there was a most dedicated group of weed attackers, and let me tell you, we had an explosion this year. Thanks to Beth A, Cindy R, Elaine A, Joyce H, Marilyn L, Rick S., JoAnne B., Cindy R., Sheryl Mc, and Sherry D.

If you get the chance, please come out and see the changes our volunteers have made at the Metra. It’s most impressive.

hard workers 2.png~Submitted by Amy Grandpre


David Kimball – $150 for 1600 volunteer hours

Plus $175 for 1800 volunteer hours (busy year!)

Sharon Wetsch – $175 for 1800 volunteer hours

Joann Glasser – $100 for 1000 volunteer hours

Plus Mantle Clock for 1200 volunteer hours (another hard worker!)

Bob Wicks – Mantle Clock for 1200 volunteer hours

Level 1 certified: Joan Griffith

Bob Wicks and Joann Glasser received their clock rewards on March 14, 2018, at the March Master Gardener Association meeting. This reward is given to Master
Bob Wicks and AmyGardeners with 1200 volunteer hours, these two making a total of seven given out to date. Congratulations and thanks to Bob and Joann for your hard work and dedication to our Master Gardener program. It’s Master Gardeners like you who validate our program.Joann Glasser

This Association meeting was also Bob Wicks’ last one as president, after serving four years in this capacity. Bob has been one of the pillars who helped spearhead our association back in 2011, along with Master Gardeners Ann Guthals, Corry Mordeaux, Joann Glasser, Marion Grummett, Merita Murdock and Sharon Wetsch. I am so proud to say that all these Master Gardeners are still active in our program and have been major contributors to its success.
Thank you, Bob, for your big heart, cheerful nature and tireless optimism.
– By Amy Grandpre