Yellowstone Master Gardeners Association News

Highlights from the Quarterly Association Meeting held March 13, 2020

Submitted by Amy Grandpre

Please check with Amy Grandpre about scheduled or rescheduled spring events.

-The Yellowstone Room at the Metra is being torn down. Amy will look for a new location for the Master Gardener classes next year. We are OK till the end of March 2020. Brian said the Master Gardener classes are going great this year and he would like us to spread the word about them to keep the classes top of mind. Be sure to collect e-mails from potential students so Amy can remind them of upcoming classes and events.

-New Master Gardener Cups: Amy gave meeting attendees the new Master Gardeners coffee cups. All class Master Gardener students this year will receive one as well.

-New Ace Hardware greenhouse: Brian is working with the Managers of the new Ace Hardware opening soon. He is working with them on a possible discount for Master Gardeners. Sharon asked if we could do seminars there as well. Brian said Ace Hardware is sponsoring a sustainable vegetable garden and the berry garden at ZooMontana. Sherry stated that classes at places like Ace and Gainan’s would further enhance the Master Gardener Program. When classes are held there, those patrons who come to shop will then stop to check out the classes that are in session. Many of them stay to listen.

-Zoo Project: Brian stated that he will be stepping down as president of the ZooMontana Botanical Society due to his accident. He will be president until June 2020.

-Metra Square Foot Garden and Rockery: Joann Glasser presented the Demo Garden info at the Master Garden 1 class. Brian stated she is also helping to get the benches installed at the rockery. Brian would like to see native plants in the rockery. AnnaMarie said she has some sedum to donate.

-Arbor Day: Sharon and AnnaMarie met to do the initial planning for the Arbor Day celebration booth. They are calling it the Birds and the Bees. Sheri Kisch will present the information on bees. AnnaMarie will be using her talent as an artist to paint posters as a visual display for the bird presentations. Sharon stated they will be helping the kids create pine cone bird feeders using pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed. Someone brought up the possibility that some kids may have peanut/nut allergies. Sharon said that will be addressed. Amy suggested
using jute and glue guns to put together the pine cone feeders. The Arbor Day celebration will be May 7, 2020 at North Park.

-Square Foot Garden Packets: Joann Glasser put together packets with seeds and instructions for people to use for a Square Foot Garden. We could hand them out at different venues.

-Montana Master Gardener Celebration 2020: Amy asked when we should call the presenters for the Celebration. Sharon said to wait due to the virus situation. We have the 4H building to use for the Celebration. The greenhouse could also be a venue. Brian said the planning committee will get together soon. A Vendor Row will be part of the Celebration.

-Reimbursement for Library Garden Series Class Speaker: Sherry asked if we could reimburse the Master Gardener speaker for classes done in April and May. Reimbursement would only be for items/plants given away at the classes. Sheri Fredericksen made a motion to approve the request, Cindy seconded. Motion carried.