Summary of Yellowstone County Master Gardener Association Quarterly Meeting

Summary of Yellowstone County Master Gardener Association Quarterly Meeting (12 November 2019)

  • Conoco Grant: Brian Godfrey, President, stated Conoco is sending a $1,000 grant for the Metra Garden Project.
  • Association Membership Drive 2020: Bylaw was revised in order to help increase membership.

– Article IV. Section 2. Interns. Internship status and YCMGA membership shall be extended to current participants of the Master Gardener Course in Yellowstone County. Interns may be accepted into full Associate status upon completion of the Master Gardener Course and payment of annual YCMGA dues.

– Article IV. Section 3. Dues. Dues for the Associates of this Association shall be $15 per calendar year, payable annually. The cost for annual dues may be changed by the Board of Directors.

The change now states that a person does not need to complete their certification as a Master Gardener along with completing their Master gardener hours for the year in order to be an Association member. Master Gardener students can join the Association before taking the test and completing their hours.

  • Membership Cards: Membership cards were to be distributed to members by Brian during the Christmas party and Chris Smith (Treasurer) will be given a list of those who signed up and were given a card at the party.
  • Montana Master Gardener Celebration 2020; Saturday, September 19th, 2020:

– Items like keychains, lanyards, water bottles and hats with YCMGA and MSU Extension logo to sell at the Farmer’s market or use as giveaways at the celebration.

– Nametags of participants will be attached to the lanyards and each lanyard will have a pocket in back where tickets for classes, tours, etc. can be placed.

– Merita Murdock’s tree book will be included with registration packets. It was suggested that Merita take attendees on the tree tour after registration. – 4H building is a possible location. Lunch will be a taco bar. A vendor row, a talk by Dr. David Gilby and a succulent planting class were suggested for afternoon activities. In addition to a fused glass art and seed packets, Brian asked if everyone could find donations for the celebration. Saturday evening dinner will be a Master Gardener BBQ.

– Speakers will be contacted in March and volunteers will be recruited in June/July.

  • Moss Mansion YCMGA Christmas Tree: Sharon Wetsch decorated this year’s YCMGA Christmas tree at Moss Mansion. The theme was ‘The Netherlands’ and it was displayed in the Moss Mansion master bedroom.
  • Christmas Party 2019: On Tom Kress’ suggestion, the Christmas party would be at the 4H building, Saturday, December 7th at 4 pm. Tom also suggested a potluck this year with the YCMGA providing the meat, including meat for non-beef eaters.

The Yellowstone County Master Gardener Association meets four times a year. Look out for their emails on meeting dates.