Master Gardeners Fall Picnic

Master Gardeners Fall Picnic
by Amy Grandpre

The last picnic of the year (September 24th, 2019) was a lovely event. And even though it was very windy, we cozied up next to one of the Metra barns, making it most pleasant.

Extra special thanks to Brian Godfrey for his most diligent planning to keep our picnic gear all together and ready for fast access: his “Master Gardener Chuckwagon” is a most innovative idea and one I’m sure will get abundant use.021

Special thanks as well to Tom and Barb Kress, who brought a most beautiful platter of “Kress grown” tomatoes and onions for dressing the burgers (as well as many garden goodies to share), and to my honey, Tim, for flipping burgers and brats. And while I’m at it, thanks to all you cooks who put together food offerings for the picnic. We sure do put out a good spread for our potlucks – perfectly yummy.