For The Planet

Plastic recycling has always been a challenge in Montana. China’s rules for accepting mixed bales of plastics from the U.S. changed on January 1st ,2019 so we now need to think more of reusing or reducing than recycling. Purchase plants in peat or compostable pots when possible.

Your plastic plant containers and flats are gladly accepted back by many local nurseries. Ask when you purchase plants if you can return the containers. Clean all soil from the 007inside and exterior surfaces so that they are debris free when you drop them off. If your plant purchasing location does not want the containers returned, they can be dropped off at Canyon Creek Nursery at 1730 S 48th St W.

If you’d like to take matters into your own hand and make your own seedling pots out of newspaper, you can find instructions online: celebrate/handmade/create-newspaper-pots-for-seed-starting-pictures