Backyard Wildlife Habitats to Help Build a Billings Community Wildlife Habitat

The Montana Wildlife Federation under the auspices of the National Wildlife Federation is working hard to get the entire community of Billings recognized as Community Wildlife Habitat. When we reach that goal, we will share that honor with Missoula and 95 other communities across the nation. We can all help by certifying our own yards and gardens. To get started, go to the NWF links listed below. There is lots of great information on why and how you can provide the four basic elements that all wildlife needs to thrive: food, water, cover and places to raise young. As Master Gardeners, we are already practicing Integrated Pest Management and striving for garden sustainability, and I suspect many of us already meet the requirements of certification.013.png

This is a simple way we can show our commitment to the health, resiliency and sustainability of our community and its wildlife, and in so doing, enrich our community and our own lives as well. Let’s work together to get Billings on this map!

Submitted by Ann McKean