Billings Arbor Day

At 7:30am the twelve Master Gardener volunteers started a cool morning assembling the four work and display stations at a very beautiful Optimist Park in preparation for the 4th grade students that followed at 9am.

The first station was on the importance of pollinators of all kinds and their relationship to our healthy eating and wellbeing as well as the importance and benefits of trees to our world. They were then shown how to mix the ingredients for making seed bombs if they wanted to make more at home.

At the four tables the children began making the egg sized mud seed holder and rolled them in colored chalk. They were then led to a cleanup area and names were attached to their seed bombs. Each class was given about 15 minutes with each of the other presenters before the noon time celebrities spoke to them again of the importance of trees, the kind of trees planted many years ago in the beginning of the park and what kind of trees would be planted that day.

~ Submitted by Sheri Kisch