Metra Park Demonstration Garden Improvements

First, the 4’x4’ beds are no longer slightly raised, but are now full 24’ deep garden boxes…easier to work in, provides seating areas and just looks great! Second, the paths at both the Square Foot Garden and the Greenhouse Education Center are now weed free and covered with weed barrier and scoria…major improvement!

Special thanks all the hard working Master Gardeners who made this possible…and so FAST!

First and foremost Joann and Corry Glasser, instrumental in getting the 4×4 box lumber and the walkway scoria, also lined up a Ditch Witch to haul and spread the scoria (saving everyone’s backs), and who brought great tools to get the job done faster. Also hard working and dedicated in placing weed mat, moving lumber in place, and moving soil: Brian (lots of soil shoveling and moral support), Casey (lots of timber lifting and placing), Merita (professional weed mat layer), Roy, Rick, and Ron & Charlie Hendricks (made sure those measurements were right on, and placed perfectly)…and of course all these folks did so much more. And then we had a surprise helper show up…past Yellowstone County Master Gardener Murry Lyda! So great to have him back at the square foot gardens doing his thing. (THANKS SO MUCH MURRY! We miss you.)

Was so elating to see our volunteers pull together and get so much done so quickly. We sure work good together, and makes the saying “None of us can do as much as all of us” ring true….Amy Grandpree