Here’s the Dirt

Here are a few fun tips in preparation for the upcoming growing season.

 A combination of water, white vinegar and rubbing alcohol can be used to remove the salt deposits on clay pots. Simply mix equal parts of each ingredient in a spray bottle. Spray pots liberally and scrub pots with a stiff plastic brush. Rinse well. Let completely dry before potting any plants in your pots.

 Save the water you use to steam and boil your vegetables. Instead let it cool and use it to water your plants especially your outdoor potted plants and watch how well they do after a few waterings.

 If you are not already doing this next tip for your big outdoor pots you should be. Find a plastic liner pot that is not as deep as your outdoor pot but is wide enough across the pot to just fit in it. After you plant your liner pot with plants it can easily be slipped into the larger outdoor pot. Once your plants start to grow and fill in you will never notice the liner pot. This tip is great for your budget as well as fall clean up. The liner can be pulled and filled with fresh soil in the spring and the outdoor pot can easily be moved indoors to avoid winter damage.

Submitted by Donna Canino